Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Working Out

My master cleanse is finished. I lose 5lbs during the day i committed to the cleanse ( as you know i cheated here and there!!). I do feel better and more energized, but i have to admit it was pretty hard at the beginning.

Now I'm going to start my diet and workout journey. I know that a lot of people are saying not to call it a "diet" but a new way of eating. And it's true if you thing of it as a diet, I know for me i feel more pressure or restricted.

So my new way of eating is I'mgoing to be try cutting 80% carbs and no red meat for now.
My workout regimen isn't going to be much at 1st, but I'm going to start by brisk walking for an hour everyday for the next week.

I'll see if just by doing this if i see a big change in my physique or if i have to up my workout.

Wish me luck.

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