Saturday, August 29, 2009

Falling off the wagon

Ok, I'm on day 6th and I gave in to the temptation of food. I was doing so good until around 5pm and my whole family was sitting having a great meal and i started to pick off my daughter's plate, then my husband and finally i got a plate of my own.

The sad thing about it the whole thing is at that moment I wasn't starving or anything. I just saw everyone eating so i started to eat also.
It's hard doing the cleanse when you have a family,but it isn't an excuse.
So I eat, I enjoyed it, I regret it and now I'm just going to get over it and continue.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

4th Day of Master Cleanse

So I thought by now this cleanse would be easier, but not. Still has hard. Have to admit I do feel less tired than the beginning.
I still have 6 days to go. I'm counting the minute, hopefully that it gets better by tomorrow.
Wish me LUCK.

Monday, August 24, 2009

2nd Day of Master cleanse

2nd day of master cleanse: This is very very hard. I came so close of just giving up, but i didn't.
I kept talking to myself and telling myself that I can do this.

I know it will get better in a couple of days, but it seems sooooo far right now.

Right now I'm just trying to get to the next hour!!
But I have to admit, I don't feel as hungry as I thought I would, honestly its all psychological for me knowing i haven't eaten all day.
The mind is a powerful think. So I'm just repeating " Yes I can, Yes I can, Yes I can". LOL

Continuing my journey.

PS: Oh yeah, thanks Traycee for the comment, you are my inspiration.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Master Cleanse

I've decide to do a 10days master cleanse before entering the healthy eating stage of my diet. I did this cleanse before when i use to be a health-oholic and i remembered it really work.

I want to clean my inside, so when i start back eating right, my body will take all the benefits from my nutrition and not be disrupted with all the crap that is already sitting there.

This is going to be hard because i remember the 1st time it was hell the 1st couple of days. But i also remember by the 4 or 5 days i felt so energized and i was still doing the #2 in the bathroom and i thought to myself i haven't eaten in 5 days where is this crap coming from??? So just imagine i had 5 days of crap just sitting there. GROSSSS.

So today is the day. I'm going to try and stay as busy as possible because it help me not to concentrate on food so much.

Wish me luck

Friday, August 21, 2009

The start of hopefully a happy ending

OK I woke up this morning and as usual and went straight to the refrigerator
, started to search for something to eat. I wasn't even hungry. Then i went on the computer and logged on to a healthy hair-board that I'm following called KISS (Founder Traycee) and saw that she's a mother of 4 but looks like she was in her teen and had never had kids. I'm a mother of 2 and i was envy of this woman that i don't even know. I saw my old self in her and wonder where did that person go.

I've put on about 50lbs in the last 7month and I really can't pinpoint exactly when i started to lose control like this. Put in mind, i use to be a workout-oholic, eat only fresh, low-sodium meals. I ran semi and full marathons. Very outgoing and had a positive outlook on life.
Some people might think that maybe i had a traumatic experience or had gotten depressed, but NO that not even close. Its just little by little i started not to give my all anymore. There were no specific reason why.

Now I know some of you might say well 50lbs isn't much, there are others trying to lose over 100lbs, and yes I agree, but someone that is usually 130lbs and now weighs over 180lbs. You have the same feeling as the person that wants to lose over 100lbs.

So this is the beginning of my journey to get back on track and find my physical happiness again.

Wish me good luck and some words of encouragement..